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Providing aromatic CTC Black Tea in various flavors that will freshen up your mind...

An Introduction

One of the most widely preferred beverages in the world is Tea. It is not only delicious but also a healthy drink full of antioxidants that is beneficial to the body. The love for tea exceeds all geographical boundaries and reaches millions of tea lovers that make up for about two-thirds of the world. There are only a few regions in the world that can sustain the growth of tea plants, so there is always a huge demand for tea leaves. Ginni Tea is a Manufacturer that has been operating for the past one decade and holds expertise in making variety of Tea. We offer products such as Bulk Black CTC Tea, CTC Black Tea and Assam Tea Powder. We understand the requirements of tea lovers everywhere and make excellent quality of tea that is made from the fresh tea leaves, handpicked by workers from the tea garden of Assam. Backed by a large workforce, we are not only making products that are useful to people everywhere, but also generating employment in the valley. Here are some of our qualities that make our company a preferred choice for tea products:

  • We provide a varied range of Tea products in aromatic flavors.
  • Our factory has a large production capacity to fulfill orders of any size.
  • We ensure proper packaging of the products to keep them moisture free.
  • The products are delivered by our logistics partners safely within time.

Tea Industry

The rich valleys of Assam is the home to vast gardens of tea plantations. Although the tea plants originally belong to China but it was brought to Assam by the Britishers in the 19th century. Since the region experiences heavy rainfall and humid atmospheric conditions throughout the year, it led to a boom and expansion of tea industry in the state. Now this state stands as one of the leading tea-producing regions of the world with a production of 507 million kg of tea every year. Ginni Tea has been actively contributing to this amount with its large production capacity. We specialize in making variety of CTC tea through special manufacturing processes.

Our Production Setup

Our firm owns a well equipped production setup that conducts all the processing work of tea leaves. We have installed special machinery for making tea products in the factory. The facility is sectionalized into different units to streamline the various stages of tea processing. The various units such as Withering, Fixing, Oxidation, Rolling, Drying and Aging unit are manned by different teams who oversee the process. Here the moisture content of the leaves is reduced and are treated to enzymatic browning that makes the tea more aromatic. Depending on the type of tea required, the leaves are treated to enzymatic browning that makes the tea more aromatic.